White Textured Lux Winter Formal Fashion Textured Lux Winter Formal Fashion Mask with Matching Scrunchie and Satchel

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White Textured Lux Winter Formal Fashion Textured Fashion Mask with Matching Scrunchie and Satchel.

Machine woven fabric purchased at the local Orussey Market. Ethically made with love in Cambodia. Perfect gift for your fashionable loved one. 

Adult Measurements:

The length (L) is across the face and the width (W) is from the nose bridge to under the chin. Medium fits the average adult.

M: 10.4 L X 7.5 W

Details: Each mask has textured white deadstock on the exterior and soft white jersey knit 100% cotton inside. Its contoured shape seals the mask securely to the face while allowing space to talk and breath with ease. We have designed the mask to adjust to the features of your face, head, and hair shape for optimal comfort. This ergonomic design does not fog glasses! This comfortable mask comes with fashionable and comfortable scrunchie ear loops. 

Comes with a matching textured white hair scrunchie and satchel. Use the satchel to store your mask while out and about or for storage at home.

Production: Production of this mask is in partnership with Pour Un Sourire D'infant (PSE). PSE is a French non-governmental organization with a mission to help children/youth and their families from destitution to a vocation by addressing all their needs.

Care instructions: Machine wash in cold water with similar colors; let air dry. Ensure that the mask is completely dry before you wear it.

Material: Synthetic material

Disclaimer: By purchasing, you’re acknowledging that this mask is not a direct substitute for an N95 or surgical mask and is not FDA approved.

Masks are final sale and returns will not be accepted for sanitary reasons.

Size: White Textured Fashion Mask, Scrunchie, Satchel Set
Style: Ear Loops