Embossed Gift Card in Lux Artisanal Palm Envelope with Ribbon & Tassel


Give the gift of NARY with our gift cards wrapped in lux palm leaf gift wrapping, tassel and ribbon.

This gift card is not your standard gift card. Embossed paper is placed inside a lux palm envelope to create a thoughtful and elevated unboxing experience sure to touch all the loved ones in your life. 




  • Embossed paper gift card
  • Handwoven basket weave
  • Natural palm leaves material
  • 4" tall X 5" wide
  • Two sleeves that fit in with each other
  • Handmade tassels with fabric ribbon




Gift cards for all the loved ones in your life.



The palm baskets are handwoven by local Cambodian artisans.

Our tassels are made by the "Be Free" campaign, a group that works in Cambodia and other parts of the world to help and rehabilitate those who are victims of human exploitation through a holistic program and trade training.