Cream Linen Stocking with Handmade Tassel (Tassels Come in 3 Different Colors)


Linen Stocking Made out of Deadstock Fabric with Handmade Tassel 

These gorgeous, handmade linen stockings will be the perfect feature for any ledge or table. Accented with a handmade tassel, they are sure to please! Fill them with Nary masks, Nary lovable stuffed animals, and/or Nary holiday gifts to surprise and delight!



  • Comes with handmade tassel in assorted colors
  • 100% Deadstock linen fabric
  • Cream color
  • Standard stocking size (length-20 in)
  • Ethically made in Cambodia


We worked with Pour Un Sourire D'infant (PSE) to create the linen stockings. PSE is a French non-governmental organization with a mission to help children/youth and their families from destitution to a vocation by addressing all their needs.



Wash the linen stockings with similar colors. Dry on low heat. Steam or iron to get wrinkles out.