"Bona the Brave Masked Bunny" Stuffed Animal with Toy Mask


“Meet our friend, Bona the Brave Masked Bunny. At first, she was scared of grownups wearing masks. But then she saw her friends with masks on, it wasn’t so scary anymore. When you wear a mask, you are brave too.”


Stuffed Bunny with "Tho" ធ Toy Mask 

Handmade and Ethically Produced



  • Hand crochet + uniquely made
  • Composition: 60% cotton + 40% acrylic 
  • 7.87 in x 3.93 in wide
  • Mask is removable
  • Ethically made in Cambodia



    Fabric and production of this mask are in partnership with Goel Community in Cambodia. Goel is committed to sustaining the traditional Cambodian weaving artistry with the use of handwoven fabrics--naturally dyed with locally sourced plants and seeds. All employees are paid a fair living wage.

    "Bona the Brave Masked Bunny" was created by" was created by our friends at Cambodia Knits (CK). CK is a social enterprise working with marginalized communities in and near Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Their goal is to produce beautiful, high quality, and unique hand-made products while providing fair and flexible employment opportunities.