"Abo the Able Masked Bear" Stuffed Animal with Toy Mask and Matching Mask

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"Meet our friend, Abo the Able Masked Bear. At first, putting on a mask was daunting. Abo had never worn anything on his face before. But after trying it on a few times, Abo likes wearing his mask now. He feels like he is able to conquer the world.”

Stuffed Bear with Toy Mask and Matching Mask 

Gray Gingham Mask Exterior with Gray Interior

Handmade and Ethically Produced

We know how hard it’s been to have your child wear a mask. We’ve surveyed over 40 families and the overall response is that it’s uncomfortable, hot, and they simply just don’t get it. And with states starting to open and the weather getting nicer, it is even harder to keep your kids within the vicinity of your house-yard-apartment.

Our design team has put a lot of hard work into figuring out how to make this mask comfortable, breathable, and feel like it’s “barely there”. Our goal is to create products that encourage your child to wear a mask. More importantly, we want to help your child cope with some of the major and incomprehensible changes in their life.




  • Hand crochet + each uniquely made
  • Composition: 60% cotton + 40% acrylic 
  • 7.87 in x 3.93 in wide
  • Ethically made 
  • Mask is removable


  • Double layer for filter insertion
  • Composition: Handwoven + naturally dyed cotton
  • Comes with optional nose-wire
  • Soft elastic straps
  • Seams for elastic replacement
  • Ethically made in Cambodia


The length (L) is across the face and the width (W) is from the nose bridge to under the chin. All measurements are in inches. Ages are indicated.

XXS 2-5yrs: 8L X 5.25 W

XS 6-9yrs: 9L X 6W

S 10yrs+: 9.5 L X 6.6 W


Fabric and production of this mask are in partnership with Goel Community in Cambodia. Goel is committed to sustaining the traditional Cambodian weaving artistry with the use of handwoven fabrics--naturally dyed with locally sourced plants and seeds. All employees are paid a fair living wage.

"Abo the Able Masked Bear" was created by our friends at Cambodia Knits (CK). CK is a social enterprise working with marginalized communities in and near Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Their goal is to produce beautiful, high quality, and unique hand-made products while providing fair and flexible employment opportunities.


Machine wash on the warmest setting with a mild pH-neutral detergent between each use. Let air dry or dry on the lowest setting. Fading is expected in naturally dyed fabrics.


By purchasing, you’re acknowledging that this mask is not a direct substitute for an N95 or surgical mask and is not FDA approved.


Masks are final sale and returns will not be accepted for sanitary reasons.


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