NARY Fashion Business Sales Internship

NARY is an ethical and sustainable resort wear brand based in Brooklyn, NY + Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The brand aims to end the cycle of human exploitation in Cambodia by transforming the lives of survivors with safe long-term employment and compassionate support.

Our internship is a great way to get hands-on experience in a startup environment and to learn all aspects of the business. We are looking for interns who need school credit.

Internship Summary, 

A part-time sales internship to learn how to build revenue through successful pop-ups for a small fashion business. This includes preparing inventory and visual collateral for the market, learning how to set-up and tear down the shop, interacting, engaging, and upselling to customers, visual merchandising techniques & sales strategies, and operating the Shopify pos system, etc. The program will also have a study of the ethical & sustainable fashion business in NYC. This will include a project in which the intern will do field research to understand the retail strategies of competitive brands. Part of the learning experience will additionally include getting a holistic view of a fashion start-up which includes interviewing and shadowing in other departments such as design, manufacturing, and marketing. This position reports directly to Stephanie Mayer, the “Chief Everything Officer'' of NARY. Intern must be physically present in the NYC metro area. The program date starts ASAP in Spring 2023 and will be mostly on Saturdays and Sundays. 

To excel at this program, 

The intern will exhibit the following: 

  • Proven experience and interest in fashion. A degree in fashion is nice, but not required.
  • Must be physically present in the NYC metro area and will be to travel to pop-up locations (mostly Brooklyn and will vary in the boroughs) 
  • Ability to lift 25 lbs and stamina to be on your feet for 8 hours a day. Pop-ups are physically taxing, we will be setting up and tearing down the same day. 
  • Agree and uphold NARY’s core values:
    • NARY strives to put PEOPLE at the heart of everything we do. Both employees and customers will always be our top priority and be valued, seen, and have a sense of belonging as part of the NARY community.
    • NARY seeks to create timeless and beautiful products while giving our customers a memorable experience. We will offer EXCELLENCE by paying attention to all the details. We will continue to strive to do better.
    • NARY will honor our past and invest into the future of the Cambodian people. NARY recognizes that our work in Cambodia is pouring into our LEGACY as Cambodian-American women.
    • MINDFULNESS: NARY strives to be thoughtful in every aspect of our business, from the products to the customer experience. We will be mindful of the materials that we use and the ways that it impacts our people (employees) and the planet.
    • NARY will remain flexible and ADAPTIVE to the local problems and unique culture of Cambodia and on a global level.
    • NARY’s VISION is to fix a global, systemic problem of human trafficking by providing dignified and ethical employment for all men and women in Cambodia. Our aim is to grow and become accessible to all people.
  • Strong people skills. The strengths of sales is the ability to smile, say hi to everyone, and engage the customer in a way in which draws them into our brand and gains their support.
  • Problem solving skills. A positive ‘can do’ attitude goes a long way. A solutions-based mindset is our GOLD STANDARD.
  • ENDURANCE in the face of the elements & unknowns. Pop-ups are in different locations with their own set of challenges and happen regardless of the weather; 90 degrees, rainy, and/or wind.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit. Thinking big and working passionately to create experiences and outcomes that sets their work apart from the others.


The intern will be learning how to operate a small business fashion pop-up. Most if not all markets will be Saturdays and Sundays. Dates and times will vary depending on the market. 

A day can average 9 hours each day. This includes loading the car, traveling to the market, setting up the shop, 6-7 hours for the market, tear-down, travel back to the storage location, and unloading the car.

Time spent with other departments to get a bird’s eye perspective of all the moving parts of an ethical and sustainable start-up. Some of the days worked will be scheduled during the week. The schedule would be adjusted accordingly.

A field research project that looks at the retail business of ethical and sustainable brands. By the end of the project, the intern will know what sales strategies competitor brands are implementing in their stores–brick and mortar and online, the optimal pricing strategy,  the target audience, demographic, and neighborhood placement, the trending styles and silhouettes, and how other brands approach customer service and external policies.


Intern will not be financially compensated, this is for school-credit only.

To apply please send a short email explaining why you would be a good fit along with your resume to

Written by Stephanie Mayer

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