Kids: Craft Ideas in Quarantine

During these unprecedented times, it can be hard to manage playing the role of parent, breadwinner, and teacher. Wearing all those hats can be so stressful. And it can be hard trying to come up with ways to keep your kids busy and engaged. So what can you do?

My name is Brittnie and I'm part of the founding team at Nary and I'm also a part-time children's art teacher. Art can be a creative outlet and a form of therapy for kids during this time. And quarantine is stressful for everyone, even kids.

They've lost the ability to go to school, see their friends, go to places. And that can be a really confusing and scary thing for a child to go through. Arts & crafts can bring a sense of normalcy to their lives, so here are a few fun ideas to get your
kids engaged at home. 

Pull out your markers, paintbrushes, paper, and glue. Here is a fun painting project you will have your kids become the next Picasso.

Painters Tape

Grab some masking tape, acrylic paint, and a canvas. Next grab about 5-6 pieces of painters tape across your canvas going in all different directions. Once you have your tape stretching across your surface you can start painting the entire canvas. Then when the paint dries, remove the tape to reveal your abstract masterpiece.

The best thing about art is there is no right or wrong way to do it. So you may not have a craft studio at home, but here is a household item you may have that work just as well!

Potato Stamps

For fun, stamp projects try making potatoes stamps. You can easily carve out your own design into the potato, dip it into some acrylic paint, and voila you have a stamp. Need stencil? try using a small cookie cutter into your potato. You can also use different fruits and vegetables for their own unique stamp design.

Zero Supplies

Don't have any supplies around the house? Don't be discouraged. The best asset to creativity is imagination. Try this fun activity at home. Have your kids come up with a new game only using certain items in your household. Then at the end of the day see what they come up with.

Play along and enjoy the quality family time you get to share with your kids and let them know that you are right there with them during this time.


Written by brittnie grono
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