Masks Tips: How To Make A Filter for Your Mask

When designing our masks, we wanted to make a mask that would not only give you durability but also a peace of mind. If you choose to add a third layer to your Nary mask, here is the best way to create a filter. 

Depending on what size mask you have, download one of our filter patterns here:



Next, decide what kind of filter you would like to make. The CDC recommends using a coffee filter, but an old t-shirt, nylon hosiery, or even paper towels could work. Cut out our free filter and trace it into your filter material. You can do this in bulk with scissors. After, insert the filter through either side of your mask. It takes a second to adjust, but after you're done -- enjoy this additional peace of mind. 

See our how-to video below. 



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Written by Camilla Mayer

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