Masks Tips: How To Insert Your Nose Wire

You've received your Nary mask. 

Now what?


When you buy one of our naturally dyed or ethically made masks, we include a nose wire for additional comfort. 

Here's what you should do step-by-step.

  1. After receiving your mask, go ahead and give it a wash. If you have one of our handwoven and naturally dyed masks, make sure you use a ph-neutral washing detergent. After the wash, let it dry in the shade to avoid fading. 
  2. When ready, find the nose pocket seam located at the top right side. 
  3. Gently using a wooden kebob or opened up paperclip, begin to create a pathway for your nose wire. 
  4. Gently remove your nose wire from the Nary packaging. If the wire begins to bend, don't worry you can just bend it straight again. 
  5. Insert the wire into the seam and push it through the seam pathway you have already created. 
  6. Once you hit the end of the seam, hide the wire and bend accordingly to your nose bridge for the best fit.

 Check out our TikTok below for a visual how-to.


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Written by Camilla Mayer
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