Production: A Special Kind of Fabric

When it comes to the art of designing garments, the fabric is everything - from the texture, to the type of fabric and to the way it looks and feels against the skin. Fabric in some elements also influences the decisions we make socially and culturally. At Nary, the fabric is a reflection of culture, tradition, and our care for social and environmental impacts. That's why for our first collection, we chose to produce locally in Cambodia. 

Naturally Dyed. Natural dyes can be extracted from plants, fruits, or flowers, giving fabrics earthy pigments and hues that can’t be found in other dyes. Indigo and turmeric are popular natural dyes that are biodegradable, keeping the planet safe from harmful toxins. Our fabrics are naturally hand-dyed with local plants and leaves, even Mango leaves! Natural dyes are beautiful, making each piece unique. 

Hand Woven on Looms. Handweaving lives in many parts of the world as an expression of ethnic culture and art. Weaving is a proud traditional art form in Cambodia, passed down and taught in families for thousands of years. The belief in the distinct character in our natural fabrics helps local weaving communities stay alive. Our fabrics preserve the rich craft of hand weaving and maintain ethical practices for people and the environment. 

Fair Trade Certified. NARY is working towards becoming conscious leaders in the global fashion industry, helping innovate social, economic, and environmental protections. As a business, we are dedicated to consumer awareness and protecting a country dear to our hearts, Cambodia. Cambodia suffers from the third-highest rate of modern-day slavery in the world.
Written by Camilla Mayer

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