Kids: Day in the life of COVID-19 Back to School

As September approaches, the topic on every parent’s mind is whether their kids will be back to school and what this means for their family. Normally, this is the time where stores would be filled with families fighting over the right school supplies in the chaotic half-empty aisles of the designated school supply aisles. It is also when kids savor the last moments of freedom before the early morning routines and dreaded homework assignments. 

We can imagine that if you are a parent, going back to school this year brings mixed emotions. We understand that for parents working at home with their kids has been extremely difficult. Besides the constant distractions of a little one needing something, some of you have had to sacrifice aspects of your career or take a step back from other commitments to adjust to a new normal. Although the opportunity for kids to go back to school may bring relief, it also may bring much fear and concern over the safety of your children, yourselves, and the loved ones around you.

At Nary, we approach our COVID protection products with a mindset of how we can help people (of all ages) in this unprecedented season of our lives. We know just how important it is for kids to have a fun and comfortable mask to wear for back to school. Our kid-tested and parent-approved Canvas mask is the perfect back to school accessory! Each of our canvas masks comes with their own set of fabric markers, so each kid can make their own original masterpiece they can wear to school. One parent shared with us that her daughter loved designing her own mask and it is the only mask she will wear. We want to encourage kids and their families that wearing masks doesn’t have to be a chore, but a fun experience the whole family can get in on and enjoy!

Here is some back to school masks tips that we would recommend:

  • Before schools go back into session, have your child test out wearing a mask, and see how long they can go without taking it off.
  • Have your child try out different masks. For example, we offer masks with ear loops or with an adjustable elastic that goes around the head. See what your kid likes. 
  • Kids are active and are always on the move. If you know that your child tends to misplace things, we would suggest getting them our adjustable elastic mask. When you aren’t using it (while eating snacks for example), you can just pull it down and it will rest around your neck.
  • Keep a spare mask in their bag in case they lose their mask. 
  • Keep a supply of reusable masks in rotation so that you have time to wash them and so that your child never goes without a clean mask.
  • Nary masks offer extra protection with the filter pocket. Filters can be made out of common household goods such as coffee filters or paper towels. Check out this Nary Blog post on how to create extra protection for you and your child. If your child is old enough to use scissors, make filters together. Including your child in the process will help them understand why it's important and gets them involved.
  • Teach your kids how to take off your mask and how to put them on before school starts. Encourage them to always take the mask off by the straps and never by the material in which they are breathing through. Every time they put on/take off their mask, have them wash their hands. Get them in the practice of it now so it becomes a habit.
  • Have a designated place for them to put their mask when they have to have their masks off. Put a brown paper bag or ziplock back in their lunch or sports bags for them to place their masks in there while eating or showering.

We hope that these tips will help as you navigate preparing for Back to School-COVID-19 Special. We are cheering for you!

Written by brittnie grono

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