When All Your Plans Change: NARY + Covid-19

I think everyone knows exactly when it hit them. The moment we truly understood that this unknown far away virus was now hitting uncomfortably close to home.

As entrepreneurs, my sisters and I saw a lifetime of dreaming and months of planning suddenly put on hold. Nary would not be launching in March as we had planned and instead our resort brand would be put on hold.

For my sisters and I, we had just hit a milestone in our new business. Our precious handwoven and hand-dyed fabric had just been delivered. It now sat in its protective plastic in our family home in Cambodia. As sisters based in New York City and Phnom Penh, we joined each other on long Facetime calls trying to predict the future and trying to plan for Nary. 

For us the path was simple.

Our beloved NYC was shutting down and the nation was in a panic for personal protective equipment. Cambodia, albeit a small Asian country, had been already taking the virus seriously and had put in place quarantine preventions far before the USA. 

We decided we would put our easy cotton dresses and linen blouses away and pivot to making masks for all the frontline workers and marginalized communities in the USA that were being deeply affected.

At Nary, our brand's first core value is human life. We seek to preserve, encourage, and uplift human life - wherever and whatever that might look like.

I hope you can join us. 



Co-Founder NARY

Written by Camilla Mayer
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