We are an ethical and sustainable resort wear brand based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and NYC.

We seek to end the cycle of human exploitation in Cambodia by transforming the lives of survivors with safe long-term employment and compassionate support.

We strive to be a part of a growing movement to change the standards of the fashion industry by empowering the consumer to make educated purchases that positively impact the people and the planet.

Unisex Bokor Linen Robe

Designed to be the perfect lightweight robe for tropical climates. Throw it over your shoulder first thing in the morning and feel the comfort of its loose fit. Tie it at the waist for a cinched look or wear worn open. Made out of 100% deadstock linen leftover from fast-fashion factories in Cambodia.

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"It is breathable, comfortable, and looks good on you. The fabric is thinner than others I own and the contoured cut + nose piece means it sits off of your mouth (sort of creates a bubble from your nose to under your chin). Obviously, wearing anything over your face makes you feel hot, but I wore this in 90 degree/humid weather and was surprisingly comfortable. A great product! And a great company/mission to support!"

-Alexander B

Nary Journal

Production: A Special Kind of Fabric

When it comes to the art of designing garments, the fabric is everything - from the texture, to the type of fabric and to the way it looks and feels against the skin. Fabric in some elements also influences the decisions we make socially and culturally. 

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